In memoriam: Diana Golden Brosnihan
Diana had the courage to share her story in a cover article in the Dartmouth alumni magazine issue of December 1998. (Click on download.)

"There is a sweetness to my life that has subtly slipped its way in.
Certainly not always, but often.

The water is more friendly, and I hear music again,
in a wave cresting over the bow of our canoe,
in the wolf-like howl of Midnight Sun,
in the streets of Barcelona,
in the cry of a lone seagull,
and in the touch of my husband's hand as we sing out the refrain of 'Stand By Me.'

Knowing what is likely ahead,
there is a powerful sadness that comes with this re-found love of living.
But this is a sadness I can bear.

Connected where once I was fragmented,
I now know that peace can come to a tormented mind,
that there is beauty that stands in stark contrast to horror,
and that there is love that comforts pain."

? Diana Golden Brosnihan
Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, December 1998

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