Alumni Service Honor Roll

Many classmates make generous contributions of time and energy to Dartmouth ? whether it be with our class, a local club, an affiliate group or directly with the College.

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Molly Wender
Class President and Secretary (1998-2003), 20th Reunion Chair (2003)
Ken Ackerman Dartmouth Association of Long Island
Anita Allen President, Dartmouth Club of Hartford 1991-1993, Alumni Interviewer.
Anne Arquit Niederberger Class Newsletter Editor (2003-09), Reunion Book Chair (2009)Mini-Reunion Co-Chair (2009-present)
Willa Bagnall Alumni Interviewer
Marian Baldauf Club officer of Chicago and San Francisco Clubs, Executive Committee of Club Officers' Association, Alumni Councilor, Executive Committee of the Association of Alumni
Ruth Bedell Dartmouth Alumni Interviewer in 2004
Geoff Berlin Alumni Interviewer; Founder of Alumni for a Strong Dartmouth and of Dartmouth Alumni for Common Sense; Class Webmaster (2003-09); Co-Chair of 25th Reunion (2009); Class President (2009-present)
Cary Bernstein D84 Artists Chair (2009-present)
Gretchen Booma Alumni Interviewer, Reunion Registration Chair (2009)
Page Boyer Class Mini-reunion Co-chair (1984-89), Dartmouth Alumni Interviewer
Bev Bradway Alumni interviewing
Lindley Brenza Chess
Lisa Brody Dartmouth Club of Philadelphia
Liz Brody Gluck Alumni interviewer, Hillel Board
Chrissy Bucklin Alumni Interviewer, Class Agent, Dartmouth Trustee (2003-present)
John Buehler Alumni Interviewing
Adam Burck Interviewing for Dartmouth
Tom Callahan Dartmouth Alumni Council
Al Chaker Admissions Interviewer, Reunion Event Advance Chair (2009)
David Chao Alumni Local Area Coordinator
Derek Chow Dartmouth Club of the Rocky Mountains, Dartmouth Club of Vail, Alumni Interviews, Class Secretary (2009-present)
Anjali Chuttani Interviewing for Dartmouth
Timothy Codd Alumni interviewer.
Chris Cogguillo Past President Dartmouth Club of New Haven, Alumni Interviewer
Maria Cole Class Outreach Chair (2009-present)
Jim Collins Alumni Council, Interim Editor of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Reunion Book Chair (2009), D84 Authors Chair (2009-present)
Julie Connolly Alumni Interviewing
Ted Cooperstein Dartmouth Alumni Clubs, Reunion Event Advance Chair (2009), Class Project Chair (2009-present)
Aris Damianos Alumni interviewer, DMS Alumni Council
Leah Daughtry Class Treasurer (1984-89), Reunion Chaplain (2009), Class Chaplain (2009-present)
J.B. Daukas Alumni Council President (2008-09)
Steve Day Reunion Dining Chair (2009)
Alex de Sherbinin Alumni interviewer
Dan Devaney Dartmouth Club of Hawaii
John DeVaro Alumni Interviewer for many years
Marc Devorsetz Alumni Interviewer, special events in NYC
Eric Dezenhall Alumni Interviewer
Jayne Donegan Dartmouth Alumni Association of RI (past President)
Tom Echikson Alumni interviewer
Mary Fabio Class secretary (2003 - present)
Paul Ferguson Adjunct Professor, Thayer School of Engineering
Lisa Foy Past Chair, Alumni Outreach and Scholarship Fund Committees, Dartmouth Alumni Association NYC Past Chair, Enrollment and Admissions Committee of the Dartmouth College Alumni Council Past Member, Executive and Regional Nominating Committees of the Dartmouth College Alumni Council Past Secretary, Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association of NYC Past, Area Enrollment Director for Alumni Interviewing and Recruitment Coordinator for Minority Admissions, Dartmouth Alumni Association NYC
Karen Francis-DeGolia 5th Reunion Chair (1989), Class President (1989-94), Dartmouth College Board of Trustees (2000-09)
Glen French Beta Board of Trustees
Leigh Garry Class President (1994-98), Class Mini-reunion Co-Chair (1989-94), Class Newsletter Editor (2003-09), Reunion Giving Chair (2009)Alumni Interviewer Area Chair, Member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Alumni
Terri Gibbs-Appel Alumni Interviewer; North NJ Alumni Assn. and Hong Kong Alumni Assn.
Jan Gordon Class Secretary (2009-present)
Kyle Gore Class Executive Committee; Head Agent 1984-1993; Alumni Councilor, Class Gifts Planning Chair (2009-present)
Paul Gorman Dartmouth Rep/ Rochester MN
Chuck Goss Reunion Moosilauke Chair (2009)
Caroline Gottschalk Reunion Leadership Fundraising Committee, Dartmouth Alumni Interviewer, Class Newsletter Editor (1989-94)
Leslie Greenwald Class Treasurer (2003-09), Alumni Interviewer, Reunion Book Chair (2009)
Eric Grubman Class Secretary (1984-89), Alumni Interviewing.
Peter Gunn Alumni interviewer
Viva Hardigg Moosilauke Advisory Committee, Reunion Moosilauke Chair (2009)
Susan Harrington Co-editor '84 Newsletter (2003-09), Reunion Publicity Chair (2009), Class Vice President (2009-present)
Rob Harteveldt Trustee Hood Museum at Dartmouth,Reunion Giving Chair (2009)
Neal Hesler Class Treasurer (1984-89)
David Hooke Class Project Chair (2003-09)
Brad Hutensky Class Secretary (1989-94)
Lisa Ide Dickey Center for International Understanding.
Ike Isaacson Alumni Interviewer
Linda Isaacson Alumni Interviewer; Dartmouth Scholar Program.
Lucia Jackson Class President (1984-89), Class Co-Newsletter Editor (1998-2003), Reunion Chaplain (2009), Class Chaplain (2009-present)
Howard Jones Alumni Interviews
Kaya Kazmirci Class Dartmouth Admissions Liaison (2009-present)
Robyn Kerner Alumni Interviewer
Doug Kingsley Head Agent (1998-present), Alumni interviewer, Alumni career advisor.
Jonna Kirschner Co-Chair Dartmouth Club London 1990
Kathy Krause Heart of America Dartmouth Club, Class Secretary (1998-2003), Class Newsletter Editor (2009-present)
Laurie Kretchmar Reunion Book Team (2009)
Todd Langille Dartmouth Christian Faculty & Staff Association
Pat Lavery Dartmouth Admissions Interviewer
Sterg Lazos Alumni Admissions Interviewer
Marty Lempres 84 representative to Alumni Council; Reunion Giving Chair (2009), Head Agent (2009-present)
Merrie Levy Alumni interviewer and member of the Dartmouth Club of Northern New Jersey, Reunion Souvenir Chair (2009), Class Mini-Reunion Co-Chair (2009-present)
Laura Lockwood Alumni recruiter
Deb Logan Alumni interviewer
Wendee Lunt Alumni interviewing
Tom Martinson Alumni Interview Coordinator/Eastern Mass., Chair - Dartmouth Book Awards/Eastern Mass.
Scott Masson Alumni admissions interviewing
Marianne McCarroll Class Vice President (1998-2009), Alumni Interviewer
Barbara McElwaine Alumni interviewer
Kate McNierney Alumni interviewer
Beth Mead Alumni interviewing
Paul Meijer Alumni Club of Silicon Valley
Sarah Mills Alumni interviewer
Dani Modisett Class Newsletter Editor (2009-present)
David Montgomery Dartmouth Club of Northern New Jersey
Mark Montgomery Board of Dartmouth Club of the Rocky Mountains
Jim Moulton Alumni interviewer
Peter Neumann Alumni Interviewing and Career Advisory Network
Henry Nodarse Dartmouth Society of Engineers.
Deb Olsen Reunion Publicity Chair (2009)
Cola Parker Reunion Entertainment Chair (2009), D84 Performing Arts Chair (2009-present)
Tom Parker Reunion Webmaster (2009), Class Webmaster (2009-present)
Kim Pettit Alumni interviewer (now)
John Pryor Class Mini-Reunion Chair & Webmaster (1998-2003)
Marion Radin Alumni Interviewing
Tom Rivard Reunion Arts and Culture Chair (2009)
Pam Ross Class Newsletter Editor (1984-89)
Mara Rudman Dickey Center for International Understanding
Michael Salzhauer Alumni interviewing, 25th reunion treasurer, Class Treasurer (2009-present)
Jim Schaefer Class Head Agent (1984-89), Class Mini-Reunion Chair (2003-09), Reunion Event Advance Chair (2009), Class Vice President (2009-present)
Susan Schoenberger Reunion Authors Chair (2009), D84 Authors Chair (2009-present)
Boot Seem Alumni interviews
Randy Slayton Alumni interviews
Jim Stronski Alum Interviewer
Eric Taylor Dartmouth Club L.A., Class Outreach Chair (2009-present)
Jennie Thomas Alumni interviewing
Karen Trost Alumni interviewer, 1991 Glee Club reunion concert.
Ted von Hippel Reunion Symposia Chair (2009), D84 Symposia Chair (2009-present)
Allen Waxman Class Treasurer (1998-2003), Alumni Council
Jonathan Weiss Alumni Interviewer
Molly Wender Class President and Secretary (1998-2003), 20th Reunion Chair (2003)
Dawn Werner Class Treasurer (1984-89)
Rob White Dartmouth Association of the Rocky Mountains, Class President (2003-09), 25th Reunion Co-Chair (June 2009)
Todd Williamson Reunion Sports Chair (2009)
John Wilson Past President Houston Alumni
Lynne Wright Alumni Interviewer