Class Officers

The following '84s are our Class Officers through our 35th Reunion. Contact any one of them with any questions or if you would like to get involved with the Class.

Anne Arquit Niederberger Vice President
Jeff Walker Social Media Co-Chair
Elizabeth Miles Newsletter Editor
Edmund Kenealy President
Julie Levenson Treasurer
Allyson Bouldon Vice President
Adam Burck Social Media Co-Chair
Juliet Giglio Secretary
Eric Grubman Secretary
Martin Lempres 35th Reunion Co-Chair
Leah Daughtry 35th Reunion Co-Chair
Lisa Ide Reunion Gift Co-Chair
Roy Forbes Reunion Gift Co-Chair
Lucia Jackson Class Chaplain
Leah Daughtry Class Chaplain
Jim Schaefer Reunion Gift Co-Chair
David Cumberbatch Class Outreach Co-Chair
Maria Cole Class Outreach Co-Chair
Elizabeth Brody Gluck Class Outreach Co-Chair
Meredith Levy Newsletter Editor
Elisabeth Jaffe Mini-Reunion Co-Chair
Meredith Levy Mini-Reunion Co-Chair
Rebecca Gottlieb '84 Symposia Co-Chair
Ted von Hippel '84 Symposia Co-Chair
Christopher Huff Alumni Council Representative
Rick Bertasi Head Agent
Michael Salzhauer Head Agent
David Chao Gift Planning Chair
W. Kyle Gore Head Agent
Ruth Bedell Class Trustee
Robert White Class Trustee
Geoff Berlin Class Trustee