Class Officer Positions

D84 50th Birthday Bashes
Organize a 50th Birthday Bash for classmates around the time of the 2012 Summer Solstice! See 50th Birthday Bashes

D84 Artists Chair
84s are exhibiting works of art around the girdled earth. Track D84 artists, and bring classmates together around their exhibit openings! See D84 Artists

D84 Performing Arts Chair
84s are on stage, on the screen, or making it happen behind the curtains! Track D84s in the performing arts, and bring classmates together around their events! See D84s in Performing Arts

D84 News Editor
'84s are making names for themselves in the "wide, wide world." Track news articles by or about '84s, and publish links in the 84s in the 84s in the News section of our class website. [Hint: Google News can be a big help on this!]

D84 SWAT Team for DCF Participation
Call classmates in June! We're building a team to catapult the Great Class of 1984 to lead the classes from the 70s and 80s with the highest participation rate in the Dartmouth College Fund. Join our D84 SWAT team to participate in annual "June surge" as approach the end of the DCF calendar year for fund raising!